Charles I can't thank you enough for the support you have given me.  You have guided me through my journey as a trader. I am learning and making money at the same time. > Credit to you and a huge THANK YOU.

Maurilio G.

Hi Gabe, I wanted you to know that this week is the first week where I reached my goal of $5,000 per week. I ended up making $6,329. Deep in my heart, I know that what I did this week is 100% repeatable and by me.   Thank you for the opportunities you put in front of us. I’m not talking about trades. The trades are meant for us to practice what you teach us.  The whole environment which you’ve put together. Tucker, Charles, all the people who have their own piece of the puzzle to share. Even I helped some figure traders with simple options questions.   Trading is like walking up a high mountain. It takes time and not easy. When we get there, the view is gorgeous ... just take small steps, breath, and be patience.   From the bottom of my heart and my family and I, many, many thanks. Best regards, Betty

Betty C.

I just wanted to thank TTS I have been here from the beginning.  I join every morning and I now go in the forum everyday.  I own a restaurant, but Covid-19 made me change my hours so I can be on till 1pm central most days it has really helped me.  Tucker does a great job explaining reason to take trades and reasons to not take trades.  Charles is great as well he is in there almost all day I have chatted with him at 3am before.  This year so far I have increased my main trading account by 5 and this week alone I have doubled it.  I have spent a lot of money to learn this and I keep learning everyday and can't thank you enough for where I am now.  Can't wait to see how the rest of this year goes.

Brian L.

Please let Gabe know that I made money on my SPXW.X vertical (2 contracts each side = $430).  I used my own strikes (based on his suggestions).  It feels wonderful to learn something new, to have confidence (measured confidence).  I could never have done this without his teaching, your support, and also a big thank you to Tucker for being there for me when I need him.

Maurilio G.

“I’m extremely pleased with my trading results from following Transparent Trading Solutions.” I wanted my daughter, Lydia, to see what trading could do for her and TTS delivered. She had fun and learned a lot and made money, too. Thank you for all of that.

Cathie M.

I cannot thank you enough... I was going through a tough phase and trading was the only option for me to prove to myself & others that I can do something and YOU helped me achieve it. Really appreciate everything that you do for us.

N. S.

Thank you!  Gabe, for showing me how to focus on multiple streams of income. I was fixated on Futures and getting ready to quit. The vertical I have learned from you and strictly managing risk is a source of hope. I made $682 today from zoom.

Idy O.

Thank you Gabe!  My second month with the M3. Had my best winning average in the futures market ever. 86%. PDF really works. I have a small account that I am working on building to reach my goals. Would like you look at how I track my trading results and let me know what you think. Keep up the great job you are doing.    

Robbie B.

Hi Gabe, I made $795 today with 4 small trades. Money aside, I practiced good PDF all thanks to you. I got out of all trades before closing just in case. This is a big personal improvement for me. PDA is a journey, and I will get there with the help of your rants.  

Betty C.

Hey Gabe. I made $500 today on TSLA Vertical and BP.  I just want to say it is exciting every day to get up at 5am and trade with you. Your commitment to us is unbelievable and awesome!!!    

Colin T.

 I particularly appreciate your down-to-earth approach. Your rants are much appreciated and your lessons are clear though I am still fighting to get fully engaged. More importantly, I really appreciate you as a person.  Your genuine desire and great drive to share your knowledge and experience to help others comes through so clearly every day.  So thanks for all you've done to help us all.

Randy S.

Hi Gabe,
Took that aggressive short today that you gave us in the NQ per my rules. Turned out to be a tremendous trade! More importantly, I took the trade based on a strong set of rules that I have developed. You have helped me become a successful trader who now has the patience to wait for the quality set ups! Thanks again for all of your great teaching! I really appreciate all that you do.

Chris D.

I want to first take this time to thank you.  I have come so far with your help.  I started trading back in 2015 and was doing break even work, winning and losing, (not following rules and stopping good trades out) and very discouraged.  BUT, it was after the first morning session I watched with you that I knew I had a morning gift.  You have made this so much more enjoyable and I have learned more in the mornings than I have from many of my classes.  I started with SIM and just recently started trading again.  I have been hitting zones and doing well.  Thank you for your dedication to us. Thank you Again for the great learning experiences and sharing you extensive knowledge.  

Debby T.

My retirement is now looking solid, much more comfortable doing my own investing. At least I know when to get out. Never had that before. Small loses, and not getting churned up because of instructors like you. Thanks for all your efforts, Keep preaching, it is paying off.

Mike S.

Gotta plan the trade then trade the plan!! Thanks for helping me master the mental game!

Lane C.

I wanted to thank you for your help every day. You have really helped to improve my trading tremendously.  

Pearce A.

You’ve kicked my trading “sniper reflexes” up a notch over the last few weeks. YOU ROCK!  I like the way you teach, your humor and sarcasm (especially), and your dedication to us all.  Thank you, truly, I want to grow old to be just like you.  

Joan J.

Gabe, I had a profitable month in May...wow! This week I only had two trades...both profitable. My stress levels have improved tremendously. On the road to trading recovery thanks to you. Appreciate all you do.

Vin Buffalotrader

Good morning Gabe! You’re awesome! Thank you for all the tough love, wonderful lessons and for keeping us safe. I started trading about a year ago with very small wins and lots of losses. I became what you call a professional donator. I decided to stop trading, closed my account and started my lessons over. I reopened my account with $5,000 April 20th. Won some, lost some.  April lost $24.50. I’ve been adding to my account every paycheck. I found you (my hero) in May. Still some losses but some bigger wins. Made $500 after fees. June 1st week couldn’t trade everyday and missed some big moves. Thanks to you my confidence is getting better, patience still sucks, still get FOMO. However, I made $1,000. My account is now 12k. Thank you! If I hadn’t of found you to help me see my problems. I was considering not trading. Thank you for everything! I appreciate you! You’re doing a great job!! Have a wonderful day! I look forward to listening to you everyday. You’re the best!!!


It has made a tremendous difference in my progress as a trader. Your teaching has helped me to develop a simple and tested rule based strategy that over time has turned me into a profitable trader. I cannot thank you enough for this knowledge and how that has changed my life. You have truly become the mentor that I have needed to accomplish my dreams as a trader and in turn allowed me to get closer to living the life that I want to live. Thank you!

Chris D.

Hello Gabe, I attend your sessions on regular basis. I appreciate your intellectual ability to share the knowledge of the market and help me to navigate this choppy waters. Thank you.  

Reza B.

Thank you, I woke up to $219 with a risk of $94 on MNQ, it was the only trade I was able to place yesterday. I did it free of emotion. 3 years ago my daughter said daddy leave your trades alone and you'll make money. Thank you!


Gabe, Just to let you know I had a great week last week.  Made $2,352 vs weekly goal of $1,500.  10 wins / 8 losses.  Over 50% winners.  I even made a $1,000 mistake on one of the winners.  Many thanks for your help!

Doug S.

Hi Gabe, Your recent emphasis on quality (weekly/daily timeframes) etc is really helping me. I have established my rules and although still on Sim, I am getting there. Thank you for your passion and support.  I just wanted to say THANKS!  


Hi Gabe, Your work has made such a difference in my performance and is a essential part of my daily routine. Thank you for showing up every day and making such a difference in my life. Just made $1K on the ES short that closed yesterday.  

Eric M.

I have been following you for years. Now finally I am at a place where I don't take stress about trading. I take very small risks so stop out don't bother me. I am playing slow so that I make PDF my DNA. You have been great. I always pray for your health and happiness everyday.


Gabe, I have been studying all of your old XLT's that I have access to and I have been applying PDF and in the last two weeks, I have made more money (Sim & Live) than I have in years. It is not about the money - it’s about the learning, refining a skill and continuing to be a disciplined trader. It’s been such a gift to have two days of back to back XLT's this wk. Hope you are safe and Well! Thank you so much!

Jamie O.

Gabe, I have been with you for over a year. Finally starting to get it after 5 years of agony. Appreciate all your help.  

Vin Buffalotrader

Thanks for the NG trade! I appreciate all of the instruction and tips. Thank you for helping me get my emotions under control and see it as a process. I made some mistakes with this trade. But I didn’t panic and close it like I would have. You’re awesome!!!  

Gabe, your sessions are amazing. I am very thankful for your time every morning.


Thank you for slowing down and taking the time to explain during these last three weeks. I have picked up a lot of needed explanations that have allowed the process to click in my head.   Yesterday teaching about the zone closer to the turning point has a higher probability help me to understand quality zones with higher probability.  I can go on but keeping it short, I just want to say I appreciate you and what you are doing.  


PDF is the key to everything, and the mental game is so vital. You are a True Professional in this business and I am very fortunate to have met you in person and to be learning this business every day from you!!  


Gabe, I would be very grateful if you would do two small things for me: 1.  Live forever. 2.  Never stop teaching.  If you can't live forever, maybe you could at least outlive me. Your classes are just what I need.

Brian K.

It is not the fear of losing money as I now trade options live, a slightly modified Tim Blotzer's SPX credit spreads, but just grasping and applying all that you are teaching.  I like the fact you go into more detail of the why, what and how.  As an engineer that makes more sense to me.  Thank you for all that you are doing.  You are making a difference.

Robert P.

I've been in your spotlight sessions for a few months and I really like them and they have cleared up a lot of confusion points for me.

Steve B.

Thanks for your morning sessions.  I look forward to your Option trades.


I am slowly learning what you are teaching and resisting my emotional trading impulses. Keep up the great work. THANK YOU.

Eric R.

I have learned to be patient and wait for trades and not have the FOMO. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn but your guidance has really helped me.You have been a great influence and help to me and my trading ever since. I want to thank you for your passion and your true caring for the students. I don't know where I would be without your teaching and guidance.  

Doug K.

I Love your morning sessions, you do a lot of teaching vs just giving levels. Your sessions are extremely valuable.  

Dan S.

I just wanted to thank you for all you do for us. I listen to you every morning and truly appreciate the way you seem to care about helping us develop good trading skills, as we continue to work through this process. I just went live trading this week and actually made some money. You have my gratitude!

Roberta H.

I have been deployed since Jan and one of my goals was to turn around my trading.  You have helped a bunch.  I am no longer on the small time frames thanks to you.  It is your guidance and drill sergeant like attitude that is really making a difference. Please keep that up because like the military, this business is not for the weak.  I am truly grateful for all the hard work you put in to teaching us.  

Dustin L.

I am now taking 3 to 4 trades a WEEK, thanks to you. I took two this week, WHEAT and ES, with great results.  I love your morning sessions; your commitment to all of us is something special and beautiful to watch. I will keep updating you about my journey, but for the moment, I just wanted to say.... Muchas Gracias!  

Jorge S.

I lost thousands in 2018, thousands in 2019. I attended your class in Raleigh last May. For whatever reason, I never did really have time to do much live trading the rest of 2019.  But in 2020, I’m in the black. Thank you for your investment in me, and in all of us.  

Brian B.

I am realizing in trading that I'm my own worst enemy. There are times to trade, and times for reflection. Thanks for your commitment to all of us! Trading is by far the hardest thing I've even done, but I'm learning something new and improving everyday.  

Brandon. F.

So many times in the past, I would panic out of the trade far too early, but this time I stayed calm and patient this whole week. I made the conscious decision to exit today in observance of our Friday clear the deck rules. Just reporting in my small profit but Huge Mental Victory for me! Thanks so much again for your guidance and encouragement.  

Francis R.

Just want to say thanks for all you do, don't know how you get up so early but it is greatly appreciated. My trading is getting better all the time. You have  taught me a great deal, patience it hard to get but i'm getting there.

V. Erickson

 I just wanted to thank you for all you've helped me. I enjoy your morning sessions and attend most of the time. I have learned so much and still learning. I am doing this full time as I retired from being a CPA in Texas. I just wanted to check in with you and let you know about me and where I am now.
Thank you for all your help! :)

Brett A.

I am truly amazed at the commitment you have to make us better traders. I have been live trading for a couple of weeks now and am gaining more confidence in my ability to see quality zones in the correct locations. I appreciate your straight talk to us.  I took the wheat trade this morning and targeted out with $622 and slightly over 3:1 profit margin.  Thanks again.

Shawn N.

Thank you so much for helping me understand how to simplify the process. I am making much fewer trades with much better results. Can't thank you enough.

Idy O.

Thank you very much for all you do for us students; deeply appreciate your passion and steadfastness in speaking your mind about truth in trading and in Life... but more importantly, daily learning from you and waking early with you on the West Coast,  for your sessions has finally made a difference and now I am trading more confidently and achieving real results.  This year so far has been the breakthrough for me, especially with futures trading but I still need to become more consistent and trade multiple contracts to achieve more significant results.  Thank you for opening up the world of soybeans, wheat and other precious commodities!

Francis R.

Thank you for your instruction and dedication to us students!  Truly Appreciated!  Your style of instruction and trading is fantastic!  I look forward to learning as much as I can and becoming consistent and patient to achieve the optimal risk/probability/payout ;-).

John S.

Hi Gabe, Currently I am sitting in my garden in the sunshine with my wife and kid’s enjoying some down time and reflecting on how my live trading has been since I went live 6 months ago. When I think of how my progress and consistently have improved I’m eternally thankful for the way you have taught me to wait for the high probability low risk setups. My account would look a lot different had it not been for your exceptional rants and same old same old guidance you give me everyday. Thank you for getting up before the birds everyday and I hope you and your family have a great Easter. Cheers! 


Gabe, I want to thank you for your daily sessions and commitment to us through these times. My trading has turned around since starting to watch you daily and I’m up over 20K this month trading 1 contract by using your analysis of zones giving me the ability to know how to analyze probabilities of zones and apply it to my trade plan for my day trading. Thank you!!!    Arnie


Thank you Gabe for all you do.  Don't have the words to express my appreciation.


Hi Gabe, Just wanted to thank you for all your help.  I've been listening to your classes fir over a year and am improving (little by little).  Have not done well in the past, BUT I am making changes.  Would really hope to take your class in the future, especially if you come to the east!

Vin R.

I have been attending most of your classes for the last six months. I know you hear this all of the time, but your teaching is invaluable. Thank you so much for taking your time to educate us all.

Tom C.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! I can not count how many times I had an AHA moment; Not just about trading but your “life lessons”. It is evident that you are passionate about trading and gifted as an instructor.

Jamie O.

Thought I would drop you an email to express my personal thanks for your continued support and commitment during this difficult time - it is much appreciated ... you are a true guiding beacon.


Thank you, Gabe @velazq_gabriel for making 2019 a profitable year for me.  Before meeting you in March, I only had $8K left in my trading account and wins averaging $100-$200.  I'm not making big money yet but I'm better because of you.  Happy Holidays!

Owen C.

CL DZ worked out pretty well today. I got out a bit early but not complaining. First positive week... process discipline is on now. Your sessions are helping me.

Dave S.

Yes.. and you were right about copper I was higher on bonds when I realized the context so thank you, I avoided major stops applying what you taught us.

Ammar S.

Thanks again, Gabe for being in the field with us; that's a mark of a true leader.  I'm now profitable 4x in a row, making it my first month (1x).  Have a great weekend!

O. Chang

Thank you Gabe for teaching us your methodical approach to trading and emphasizing the mental game. You’re the best!

John M.

Thank you Gabe - lots of wisdom in this earnings article, and the range trading one earlier this week.  Really appreciate all you do to help us along this journey!


After chatting to you in St Albans I went live after months of sim trading. I hit a lot of stops trading in the middle. You showed me to keep it simple and be patient. I’m now back to break even.

Kevin K.

Trading is pretty good. I hit $1k target last week. Up $250 to close this week. I need a better system for deciding which trades not to take.  

Harrison W.

I closed my long /ZS at $900. Thanks for the great zones, Gabe! Profit of $1,050! Upping my confidence in trading futures.


Gabe, for I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I hang on your every word in class.  I put in the time, followed your program to a "T" and I only traded Tues-Thursday, I had some bumps but ended up $1,600 in the positive for the week-on a goal of 1K. Process-Discipline-Focus. I will journal tomorrow but I will not trade-Discipline.  I am trying to achieve my weekly target with the FEWEST trades possible. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me,  I have "Atomic Habits"  I will be reading it this weekend! Your student for life,