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Do you pull your trades before gaining the maximum profit potential? Do you hold on to losing trades and accumulate major losses when you should have gotten out? Do you worry with each trade you place that it will go against you? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

More often than not, most trading decisions are not based on sound research or tested trading methods, but on emotions. Studies show that emotion is the major reason traders lose money.

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Over 30-years of Experience

Gabe Velazquez began his career in the markets as a broker for Paine Webber in 1987 and witnessed the gut-wrenching fear of investors on October 19, 1987 in what is now infamously known as the “Black Monday”. He also observed the wild speculative euphoria and unbridled greed of the late 90's during the Technology Bubble which ended in the Nasdaq losing more than 80% of its value. All those experiences brought to light the importance of what risk management plays in trading and investing. In fact, it's greatly influenced the way he trades today.

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