Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

If you do not understand/agree with any portion of our Terms and Conditions, Risk Disclosure and Privacy Policy, you are prohibited from accessing this website or creating a Member Dashboard subscription account.

Transparenttradingsolutions.com provides Members with timely, specific trading ideas based on our proven strategy of picking low-risk, high-probability turning points in the stock, futures and options markets. We have created a safe space to empower Members to confidently navigate obscure markets. These “Terms and Conditions” apply to your access and use of transparenttradingservices.com “pay to access” Member Dashboard section.

By accessing this website and/or  becoming a Member of transparenttradingsolutions.com, you agree, that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions, Risk Disclosure and Privacy Policy and will adhere to these Terms and Conditions, Risk Disclosure and Privacy Policy and any terms, conditions or other rules, regulations or policies set by transparenttradingsolutions.com expressed now or in the future.  Your use of this website shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules or regulations, and that you accept sole responsibility for your compliance with, familiarity with and understanding of any such laws, rules or regulations applicable to you and your use of this website.

All fees charged by Transparenttradingsolutions.com in connection with any account or service Transparenttradingsolutions.com are exclusive of any taxes, levies, or duties imposed by any taxing authority, and You will be, and are, responsible for the payment of all such taxes, levies, or duties arising from Your purchase of any account or service on Transparenttradingsolutions.com.

Terms of Use:

You may share the public content on transparenttradingsolutions.com. However, the content contained in transparenttradingsolutions.com paid Member Dashboard section is solely for your own individual non-commercial use. Sharing any data from the Member Dashboard area (pay to access services) with non-members is strictly prohibited without our express prior written consent.  Sharing any data from the Member Dashboard area (pay to access services) with Member(s) who have lower tier subscription membership access (Essential or Premier), is strictly prohibited without our express prior written consent. Systematic retrieval of data or other content from the pay for services, whether create or compile, directly or indirectly, a collection, compilation, database or directory, is prohibited absent of our express written consent.

Violating Terms of Use WILL result in the cancellation of your membership.

Use by Minors:

Our services are not directed towards individuals under the age of eighteen (18); and we request if you are under the age of 18, that you do not access and/or use the services provided in the Member’s Dashboard and/or provide any personal data anywhere on the Transparenttradingsolutions.com website.

Views Expressed:

Morning Market Methodologies (M3),  The Conservatory and other live session areas allow contributions from other Members and are not necessarily the opinion of the Moderator. We ask that you keep inflammatory political, religious and/or opinions on lifestyle to yourself and respect others. Profanity and/or offensive language is prohibited.  We want to create as positive learning experience as possible for all Members. Questions or comments of a negative nature regarding the content expressed in live sessions may be emailed to the team, Support@transparenttradingsolutions.com, where they will be promptly addressed.

Failure to respect others may result in the removal from the room and a cancellation of your membership.

Emotional/psychological Support Disclaimer:

The information provided in live sessions or throughout this Website is for informational purposes only and solely as a self-help tool for your own use. Emotional/psychological coaching is meant for support and is not to be used in place of any form of diagnosis, treatment, or therapy by a licensed professional; and should not be a substitute for medical advice from a qualified health care professional, medical or psychological (mental) diagnosis, treatment and/or care.

Terms of Service for Member Dashboard:

Your Member Dashboard subscription (“subscription” “membership subscription” “member subscription” “membership services”) begins as soon as your initial payment is processed. Your subscription will automatically renew each billing cycle (monthly); without notice, until you cancel. You authorize “Stripe” (our credit card processor) to store your payment information and to automatically process your payment at every payment cycle (monthly) until you cancel.

If your payment method fails, your membership subscription may be cancelled.

Monthly Membership Subscription: 

By purchasing a membership subscription, you agree to an initial and recurring monthly membership subscription charge (in U.S. Dollars) at the then current monthly membership subscription rate (in U.S. Dollars); and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges until you cancel your membership.  You may cancel your membership subscription anytime.  Subscriptions must be cancelled 48 hours prior to the next billing cycle, to not be charged for the next billing cycle.

Billing Period: 

We will charge the membership subscription fee at the commencement of your subscription or, if applicable, at the end of your free trial period, which will automatically re-bill on the same calendar day of each monthly billing cycle thereafter, unless and until your subscription is cancelled.

Price Changes:

We reserve the right to change membership subscription fees for any of our membership services at any time. We will notify you of any price revisions if the regular fee for your subscription changes on your current subscription order. You will have an opportunity to cancel your subscription at that time and before your next billing cycle. If you do not cancel your subscription, you will be charged the new subscription fee at the next billing cycle.

Cancellations and Refunds: 

Cancellations: You may cancel your membership subscription at any time by accessing your Member Dashboard – Your Account Info – Subscriptions – Cancel or by emailing us at support@transparenttradingsolutions.com. You must cancel your membership subscription at least 48 hours prior to the next billing period to avoid being charged the next month’s billing period’s subscription fee to your payment method. Accordingly, when you cancel, you cancel only future charges associated with your membership subscription, and you will not receive a refund for the current billing period. Your cancellation will become effective at the end of your current billing period, and you will continue to have access to your subscription for the remainder of the billing period.

Refunds: Payments are non-refundable, and there are no refunds or credits for partially used billing periods. We reserve the right, however, to issue refunds or credits at our sole discretion. If we issue a refund or credit in one instance, we are under no obligation to issue the same refund or credit in the future.

Trade Set-ups and Performance Data History Disclosure and Acknowledgement:

You understand, acknowledge and agree, Daily Trade Picks (Essential, Premier and Elite Members) and/or trade set-ups offered in the Virtual Sessions (Elite Members Only), The Conservatory area, or any trade set-ups posted static or otherwise on Transparenttradingsolutions.com website, may use live and/or simulated accounts for informational and Trade Performance Data purposes.

You understand, acknowledge and agree, Daily Trade Picks (Essential, Premier and Elite Members) and/or trade set-ups offered in the Live Session, The Conservatory and Archived Sessions area (Elite Members Only), or any trade set-ups posted static or otherwise on Transparenttradingsolutions.com is the opinion of the trader/moderator only, and does not constitute any recommendation whatsoever, and you should not rely on such opinions and ideas which may not be complete or accurate.  All information located on Transparenttradingsolutions.com is for information purposes only and does not constitute, or is intended to constitute, a recommendation by Transparenttradingsolutions.com of any particular security or trading strategy or a determination by us that any security or trading strategy is suitable for any specific person.

Violating these Terms and Conditions: 

Any violations of these Terms and Conditions, at the sole discretion of Transparenttradingsolutions.com, may result in suspension and/or termination of membership subscription and prohibited access to private functions hosted by transparenttradingsolutions.com.

By creating a membership subscription account with Transparenttradingsolutions.com, you acknowledge and agree that if your membership subscription account is canceled, suspended, or terminated by Transparenttradingsolutions.com for breaching these Terms and Conditions you may not request a refund or receive a refund from Transparenttradingsolutions.com. All monies spent on services are forfeited upon cancellation, suspension, and/or termination of the membership subscription account, regardless of cause.

Purchase Disclosure and Consent:

By purchasing a Transparenttradingsolutions.com membership subscription, you consent to receive notices, disclosures, agreements, policies, receipts, confirmations, transaction information, account information, other communications, and changes or updates to any such documents electronically (collectively, the “Electronic Communications”). We will provide these Electronic Communications by posting them on the Transparenttradingsolutions.com website, to your dashboard, through direct primary email communications and or via phone associated with your Transparenttradingsolutions.com membership subscription.

You agree that the Electronic Communications will satisfy any legal communication requirements, including that such communications be in writing. Electronic Communications will be deemed received by you within 24 hours of the time posted to our website or the “Member Dashboard” page, or within 24 hours of the time emailed to you unless we receive notice that the email was not delivered.

Contact us:

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at Support@transparenttradingsolutions.com.