Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend the "live" trading sessions on a trial basis if I’m not sure I want to become an Elite member?
Yes, contact Support and we will arrange for you to attend 1 live trading session.
I have never traded options. Do you conduct classes that will help me learn more about options trading?
Yes, we have many recorded videos in our Member Resources section (Premium, Elite only) that offer instruction on how to trade options, stocks and futures.
If I have questions about a particular Trade Pick can I get support in that regard?
Our support team responds to questions within 48 hours.  Elite members who attend our Live Session forum will have their questions answered in real-time.
Can I upgrade my membership at any time? Or am I locked in for a month in my current membership status?
You may upgrade at any time by cancelling your current membership and subscribing to your preferred tier.
Can I cancel my membership at any time?
Yes, you can manage your subscription by logging in to the Member Dashboard area, Your Account Info, Subscriptions. Or contact us at Support@transparenttradingsolutions.com Please see our Cancellation Policy under Terms and Conditions.